Priorities – D-Pryde

The name D-Pryde should be familiar to Torontonians by now so no need to introduce. I don’t think I’ve seen someone with as much energy as this guy but he has a nice flow so I suppose it doesn’t matter huh? Listen, Comment and let us know what you think! OH! We can’t forget to point out DPrizzy’s nod to the Deshawn Raw Rap battles (I’m not a rapper … Continue reading Priorities – D-Pryde

So Far So Good – Drew Howard Feat. D-Pryde & Maribelle Anes

Check out this dope new video from Drew Howard ft. D-Pryde & Maribelle Anes called So Far So Good. It just dropped yesterday and the video is blowing UP on YouTube. This is my first time hearing about Drew Howard but after seeing this, I think I need to get to know him! (his music of course lol) Something tells me these guys (and girl) are going to be huge … Continue reading So Far So Good – Drew Howard Feat. D-Pryde & Maribelle Anes


Murissa Barrington — In case you are living under a rock, you know about Tumblr. Tumblr has taken over the “blogopshere” with the simplicity of the website and the abundance of awesome photos and GIF’s to share with friends. A definite staple of Tumblr is the overload of photos featuring people and their latest fashions. In T.O the most popular in the downtown urban scene … Continue reading Hype Clothes: ELITExCLOTHING