Pardon Le Dopeness Fashion Exhibit [PHOTOS]

Thursday night, we got the opportunity to go check Pardon Le Dopeness’ latest pieces at 627 Queen West for an invite-only fashion exhibit and the music was great and the clothes were dope obviously. Am I corny for calling PLD dope? yeah, probably! Anyways, all in all the  event was a success, I seen a certain purple studded jacket that I plan on adding to my closet, the city came … Continue reading Pardon Le Dopeness Fashion Exhibit [PHOTOS]

Exciting New Updates!

Hey everyone! It feels like we’ve been gone from Pretty Hype for months but in reality its only been a few days but we have been gone due to hectic schedules. Anyways its July which means we are halfway through the year (ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY FOR PHTO!) and that means some new updates for Pretty Hype! We want to continue to give you whats hype in T.O and also … Continue reading Exciting New Updates!


Hey everyone! Its Murissa here giving you the 411 on whats going on at Pretty Hype TO. 1. There is no more iLife Fridays. Sad, yes I know but all good things must come to an end. 2. We have an official photographer and videographer so you should follow them and support them! Our videographer and photographer #1 is Taejon Cupid (CupidPro) &  our 2nd photographer  Janelle … Continue reading PRETTY HYPE TO UPDATE!

Review: Travie McCoy LIVE w/ Black Cards & Bad Rabbits

we arrive at The Opera House and they were late like most rockstars are. Once we got inside.. we waited a bit more while they did soundchecks and the like, when finally Black Rabbits Bad Rabbits hit the stage. They jumped right into their first song “Eyes On You” with the band doing a little choreographed dance which I thought was cute. when they started … Continue reading Review: Travie McCoy LIVE w/ Black Cards & Bad Rabbits