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Growing up Toronto being black will most likely involve you being from West Indian/Caribbean descent and if you lived in a Caribbean household you knew about Caribana. It was recently confirmed that the name has been changed from Scotiabank Caribana to Scotiabank Toronto Caribbean Carnival. Yeah, I know the name doesn’t exactly roll off your tongue and I know for one I had to google the name just now because I couldn’t remember it. But all the same, whats in a name? it’s still the wonderful festival that ive grown to know and love.

This year, some of PHTO will be out-of-town, some will be “on the scene” at Caribana and I will be “playing mas” decked out in my Toronto Revellers costume. Feel free to join us, a group of people can never be too large at Caribana, it only makes it more fun!

check back next week when we bring you a video on “CARIBANA 101: how to survive and thrive at the biggest outdoor party in the world”.

There will be plenty of events in the next 2 weeks and then the GRAND PARADE on Saturday, July 30th, 2011

until next week, I’ll leave you with my 2 favorite soca songs out now to get yuh warmed up and ready to wine!