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The end of an era. Yesterday afternoon it was confirmed that Flow 93.5fm would no longer host a handful of shows such as Soca Therapy with Dr.Jay and Riddim Track with DJ Spexx. We later learned that the radio station is being bought out by CHUM Radio and even more people from Flow 93.5 will no longer be apart of the journey including J Wyze,Devo Brown, Jus Red,The Real Frequency and OTA Live. Even the employees behind the station like promotions and production crews will be losing their jobs. Flow 93.5FM might also be changed to Bounce 93.5FM.

Now I am a HUGE fan of FLow 93.5FM and I am extremely disappointed to hear that the main reasons and shows that I listened to on Flow are now gone. Flow 93.5FM is known for its diversity and support of local talent if they water down the station it will NEVER be the same and they will lose a LARGE audience of listeners because of what CTV has done to the station. The news came completely out of nowhere and blindsided the entire city as well as listeners from around the world. Even if you go to the website you can see it is completely different and all of your favourite shows are gone. Whether or not Chum will be able to continue to represent the urban community and give proper justice to the station is highly doubtful.

We at Pretty Hype TO are very sorry to hear about this news and we send all of our support to the entire staff that made Flow 93.5 what it was up until now. We hope for the best in all of their endeavours and hope to hear them together again taking over the airwaves.

For those of you who wish to take action which I URGE you do please visit the link below and sign the petition to save Riddim Track and Soca Therapy. I’m not sure what the results will be but if you enjoyed the station like we did then there’s no harming in trying our best to save it from becoming a complete mess.


you can also send your tweets with the hashtag #FIGHTFORFLOW or join the event page on Facebook/FightForFlow93.5