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TORONTO – This is our first ever “HYPE SPOTLIGHT” where we will give some shine to someone who we think is making a mark and is one to look out for. A Hype Spotlight means we see you and we’re like “wow he/she is on their grind, their making it happen!” and we love you! you don’t have to even be in the city.. we just love you! =)

The first time I heard a song by Ron D was when my good friend had the song Toronto as his ringtone.

Little did I know I would come across the creator of such an amazing song a few years later. Ron Dias has a distinct sound that sets him apart from many Local rappers and it’s probably why Ron D is one of the more sought out artists in the City. His Latest mixtape dropped mid-November and we’ll have the download link posted below,we love it.. so you should love it too! Expect to see a lot more of Ron Dias on the Radio, on your TV and computer Screens cause we’re predicting that its going to be a BIG year for him. With that said, we give Ron Dias the official Pretty Hype Co-sign and can say that he’s PRETTY HYPE STILL!

Heres a link to his Mixtape Way Past Love and check out his latest videos below.